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Heelprint Update

Hey everybody! Here’s quick update on Heelprint: This semester, we acquired several new clients, including Midway Community Kitchen, Three Corners Collective, Tar Heel Beginnings, the Helping Hands Project, and some smaller, short-term projects. Last week, Heelprint hosted its first creative workshop, where our Creative Director, Dylan Simel, offered an interactive seminar about the process of imagination and inspiration. Our next… Read more →

Welcome to our blog – a message from Heelprint CEO James Waugh

Welcome to the new Heelprint Communications! For five years, our student-run creative agency has served real clients, and we continue to grow and innovate today. Our past clients include Blinkness, Buns, Carolina Creates and the U.S. State Department, and this year, we are constructing a national PR campaign for Planet Mogul, increasing subscriptions for American DBE Magazine, and providing graphic… Read more →